Welcome to Meteo Weather Zone

We have a range of products that caters for the environmental climate control industry.

We do install and supply varies products and services for laboritories, agriculture industry and warehouses. We stock only the highest quality data loggers, weather stations, meteorological equipment and hand held devices. No matter the location we have the products to cater for your specific need. Wether it is indoor, outdoor, under water or hand held devices.

Our meteorogical engineers have been working in the field of climate control and environmental matters for more than 15 years. These specialists can guide you through the process of buying and installing the correct products for your application.

As a standard option most of our data loggers can be calibrated to ensure quality and accuracy. We will provide you with a traceable calibration certificate from the NIST.

Please feel free to have a look at our product by clicking on a brand on your right. or more information please contact us.